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staarch exists to help our developer clients compete internationally and successfully in the property marketplace, by providing the very best in architecture, hotel and residential, interior design and marketing.Since inception, staarch has been working with international developers on a multitude of residential, hotel and commercial projects in China, Singapore, Maldives, Australia and Malaysia. staarch is responsible for the design of over 8,000 homes in 10 cities.staarch was originally established to design boutique projects for a select clientele. Over time, however, this thoughtful group diversified and has inevitably developed its own unique intelligence and identity. Now staarch happily functions as a creative force in its own right, taking on hotels, masterplanning and larger architectural projects.

We aim to deliver unique spaces throughout different stages of people’s lives.
Increasingly, staarch has been requested by clients to offer design solutions that cover both aspects of the design process. With over ten years of international design experience in residential, commercial and hotel developments, our team of architects and interior designers can enhance an existing building or start from the beginning-big or small, simple or complex. staarch has worked with more than 15 international partners on a variety of buildings and large residential projects throughout Asia. staarch is currently involved in the design of more than 5,000 apartments internationally.

Samson Tan
Email: samson@staarch.com
Richie Wong
Associate Director
Email: richie@staarch.com
Alex Wee
Project Manager
Email: alex@staarch.com
Simon Teo
Head (Projects)
Email: simon@staarch.co
Hazel Toh
Marketing Manager
Email: hazel@staarch.com
Alice Tan
Architectural Associate
Fridianty Ariefta
Design Architect
Jun Hen Tan
Architectural Assistant